Consulting Services
Our Marketing consulting practice focuses on helping technology and services companies that target the process industry. We combine two distinct types of expertise: strategic marketing consulting services and deep knowledge of the process industry. The advantage to our clients is the industry specific marketing insights and contacts we have throughout the industry. Making those accessible to our clients is what can make all the difference for them.
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Our 6 Marketing
Consulting Practice Areas
We Can Help
You Because We Are:
Bottom Line-Focused
At the end of the day, you need a marketing program to make a positive contribution to the bottom-line. Marketing for marketing’s sake is of no value. We provide the expertise you need to make the decisions that will yield the highest return on your marketing investment.
Domain Specific
We come from the industries you are targeting and know the process industry landscape. Having worked with hundreds of technology, software, services and consulting firms over the years, we offer the powerful insights you need on strategy and execution of your marketing objectives.
Experience & Expertise
You can tap our decades of marketing knowledge and expertise, and experience with the industry sector. We can help you rally senior management behind a new strategy and make information and insights relevant for an entire marketing organization and beyond.
The Big Picture
From an initial marketing performance review and exploration, to strategy development, to marketing planning, to execution, and to second opinion reviews—we can help you with it all or work on just a piece with an understanding of how it all fits into the bigger picture.