The energy industry continues to be confronted with a need for an independent strategic view for a wide and diverse range of analysis to support corporate policies and strategic planning. Our firm has a proven track record with highly seasoned energy consultants capable of conducting analysis that supports strategy.

Our clients have consistently relied upon us to support many facets of strategic analyses.
Analysis that
Supports strategy
  • >Market research and analysis
  • >Competitive assessments
  • >Strategic option development
  • >Portfolio analysis
  • >Policy formulation
    with a focus on clean fuels and carbon management
The competitive environment in the energy industry requires our clients to continually improve their processes and practices. In response to this need, our firm provides a range of performance improvement capabilities. We have deployed and employed our proven methodology for performance improvement for clients.

Our approach combines the people, process, and technology elements of a business to transform the fundamental way our clients conduct their business leading to significant and sustainable performance improvements that can result in strategic advantage over your competition.

Our performance improvement capability spans the energy industry.
Performance Improvement
For Clients Focused On:
  • >Performance diagnostics that identify where to focus the improvement efforts related to reliability, supply chain and energy reduction
  • >Business process design or redesign to develop a case for action, including contract to cash, fiscal and oil accounting, and manufacturing execution
  • >Change management to ensure the performance improvement objectives and met and sustained
  • >Organizational restructuring, at both the corporate and plant level
As the energy industry strives for competitive advantage, technology is often employed to enable business processes.

Our firm has extensive experience in assisting our clients assess and intelligently employ fit for purpose technology that captures the expected benefits and fits within the client culture.

Our consultants have performed all aspects of technology assessment, development and delivery which transverse the energy industry.
For Our
Energy Clients We Provide:
  • > System requirements definition and high level business process design
  • > Detailed functional design
  • > Software selection services
  • > Systems integration support
  • > Owner’s representative services