About Us


Energy companies have invested billions of dollars in assets that convert raw crude oil and natural gas into a wide range of usable fuels and petrochemical products, and R2E helps clients maximize the value of these assets. Our professionals have helped dozens of clients develop and implement strategies in refining, petrochemical, retail marketing, LNG and petrochemicals projects. R2E’s wide experience spans operations, value chain optimization, and strategy development, including the following downstream focus areas:

  • Value chain integration
  • Product trading and risk management
  • Contract management
  • Channel strategies
  • Customer relationship management
  • RFS2/RINs management
  • Feedstock analysis and selection
  • Product supply optimization
  • Exchange management
  • Inventory management
  • Wholesale price management
  • Enterprise asset management
  • Performance management
  • Management reporting
  • Assay management
  • Planning model audits and tuning
  • LP model audit and update
  • Plan deviations monitoring and Backcasting
  • Refinery scheduling
  • Blending
  • Oil movements management
  • Operations execution
  • Quality management
  • Hydrocarbon accounting
  • Loss control
  • Energy management
  • Reliability and Inspection
  • Rigorous process unit analysis


R2E helps clients maximize the value of their midstream assets, helping them move crude oil, refined products and natural gas to markets that maximize their value. Our experience in maximizing the value of the hydrocarbon value chain helps clients develop better strategies – and execute these strategies to improve margins and operating income. Specific areas of midstream expertise include:

  • Value chain integration
  • Network optimization
  • Supply strategy
  • Nominations management
  • Feedstock procurement
  • Performance management
  • Scheduling
  • Pipeline operations
  • Terminal management
  • Exchange management
  • Inventory management
  • Price management
  • Oil and product movements
  • Blending
  • Loss control


R2E skills extend into the upstream with a full range of exploration and production experience. In addition to direct knowledge of the many processes involved in E&P, our professionals have expertise in the tools and services involved in bringing hydrocarbons to the surface, including the R&D efforts that have facilitated fracking and many other recent E&P innovations. These abilities help our customers more effffectively manage their upstream business and maximize resource values. Examples of R2E professionals’ upstream experience include:

  • Digital oil field
  • Digital transformation
  • Cross discipline collaboration
  • Drilling control centers
  • Value chain integration
  • Performance management
  • Oil and Gas trading and risk management
  • Crude oil marketing
  • Nominations and allocations
  • Supplier management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Inventory management
  • Hydrocarbon accounting
  • Loss control